Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Explaination.

Okay, guys. I am super sorry for not having put the pictures up from my haul, or done any post! I honestly have so many ideas of things to post, in a "notepad" on my phone. The list, i swear, is endless!
Soo, what had happened was, i was actually putting up a post last night, but then i got some news from my bestfriend that i didnt know weather or not it was true. To this second im not sure what to believe, and it was about my boyfriend, and i could feel the tears coming from my eyes as i was typing so, i just drafted it. I chilled for an hour, calmed down and got myself together, then started typing away again. But just as soon as i was about to click publish, my bestfriend called me crying extra hard! Saying to come pick her up, that shes at the gas station. And, she was ballin', like so hard i could hardly understand wtf she was saying. So, i rushed off the computer, and told my mom and we left, to get her. And, she was having problems at home with her brothers and sisters, and her parents were not there at the time, im not gonna say much, but just that her check was swollen, so when we got to my house she called her mom told her what happened. And, she just couldnt go back home so, she ended up staying with me, and she is still here on my bed right now. And, i have been trying to comfort her all night!
So, i am sorry you guys. I promise you i will get this next post up ASAP, but just be patient. This girl has been through so much in her life, and its just crazy, so she needs me right now.
But you guys, i have the post almost completely finished. I just have to, add the links and im done, so i will try to have it up by tonight, but if not then, it wont be up until, after 4:00pm on wenesday, since i have state mandantory testing on Monday and Tuesday, my plate is gonna be full and im gonna be tired AF' !
So, thank you guys. I appreciate this, and i am trying. Love you guys. Bye (:


  1. I understand about your friend needing you (: Take your time with the posts and don't feel pressured to have them up right away!

    1. Omg. Thank you so much! That means a lot! I really appriciate it. Im done with state testing now though, so it wont be long before im back in action! (: