Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thank You!

*Before we get started on todays post, i just wanted to say thank you guys for being so patient. If you dont know, the reason i have been MIA this week is cause, this past weekend on of my bestfrineds that i have not seen since last June/end of my 8th grade year was having problems at home and ended up staying the weekend with me. And, also earlier that SAME day, this same bestfriend had told me something about my boyfriend. Well, she didnt actually say it was him, but i honestly think it is, she just doesnt know how to tell me, but yeah i started to cry and stuff, sooverall my weekend was just super busy! If you want more information on that, then read my last post before this one, i think. And, then, my week, has been even busier! I had mandatory state testing this week, for English, and it was TWO parts(writing,revision,editing & then reading), so that was TWO days of testing! Ugh, i hate tests! Lmao. But, that was only the first test. I STILL have like 3 more state test to go through. But, luckily, those are not until May for freshman i think! So, i have basically been all over the place this week, with tons of homework, and class work. Im stressed!

Anyways, on good notes here. I seriously thought about finishing my post that i was gonna put up last weekend and doing a new post, but.. i am a procrastinator and have wait til the day before my homework is due, to actually do it! Lol, i shouldnt even be talking to you guys. Its almost 10pm here in Texas and i have an essay to write. Haha, but the good thing is, is easy cause im really good at writing, and guess what its on? FINDING NEMO! Thats my movie yall! Lol. After i do that ima be super tired so, thats the reason i cant do anything tonight like planned! SUPER SORRY guys! But, i am really just trying to keep my grades at a B+ average and higher, and its the end of the school year and im stressing. I dont like it either!
But, look on the bright side, i WILL be posting TWO posts tomorrow. I'll be finishing my post from this past weekend, and im thinking of doing a series about testing weeks! Like, what to wear on testing days, makeup or no makeup, and all kinds of other things, cause i know that almost every school is coming to a close and that means test, so i think this would be a nice way for me to still be able to post, but its something simple while im still trying to focus on school. Of course i will still be doing my normal post, but on the days when my homework is consuming my time, or something else i have to attend to, then these will be perfect, instead of not hearing from me, or whatever else!

Well, im about to go and eat some ice cream, and write my essay, call my boyfriend and talk to him til we fall asleep. I will talk to you guys tomorrow! Bye .

What do you think of this new series type thing? Any suggestions? Leave them in a comment below! (:


  1. Glad you're back! :) How'd the testing go?

  2. Thanks! Testing went great. It was something that Ive always been pretty confident about. English has always been my strong suit. Ever teacher I have ever had has always said that I'm a great writer and should think about pursuing a career in it!