Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mini MAC & Ulta Haul (:

Okay, so as most of you guys know, while i was on vacation, i went shopping. I didnt get a ton of makeup, i did more clothes shopping than anything since spring is fastly approaching! But, i did promise you guys i'd be doing a spring break haul, and this will be the first part. It is not a lot at all, only like, 4 or 5 items, but i still wanna share with you guys. So here goes.

First, i stopped by a MAC counter and picked up 3 items.
I got a lipglass in, Oh baby.
This is just a super gorgeous brown golden type color, with a ton of shimmer. And, then it also has these gorgeous pinky and blue/seafoam green glitters in it, and its just a beautiful color!
Then i got a pro longwear lipglass in, Ready or Not!.
Ready or Not is just a super pretty shimmery, pinky nude kind of color with pink glitters in it. Gorgeous!
The last thing i got was an eyeshadow in, Mythology.
It's a super pretty golden brown shimmer color. It is a lustre eyeshadow, so super shimmery and eye catching.

Then, i went to Ulta. I just picked up one thing from there. That was an Urban Decay eyeshadow in the shade, Midnight Cowboy .
Again, this is a neutral . Its a really pretty taupey champagne kinda color. Its really shimmery and has some silver glitters in it ! Super pretty, and can also make for a great highlighting color since its very blendable!

*note: sorry i don't have any pictires right now. Im doing this off of the blog app on my phone, and its almost 2 in the morning where i live, but i cant sleep and really wanted to get this up for you guys! So, if you see this before i get pictures up, check back in a couple days, maybe less, and i will most definately have pictures and swatches up. But until then im sure you can find some good swatches online. Just google them .

Well, i love you guys and will talk to you in my next post! Bye (:


  1. awe i love hauls but it would be great to see some pictures of the stuff you bought also!

    1. Teag, i know! -__-
      but i promise real soon, i will have pictures up. So check back! (: