Friday, March 16, 2012

Help !

Hey guys.
Sorry for the lack of posts. But im on vacation! Sorry.
But i will try to post today, but i need you guys' help !
Okay, so i wanna start a series type thing, where i post every Friday. It will not neccesarily be beauty or fashiob fashion, but just anything. Anything i find interesting throughout the week. So kind of like my weekly favorites .
Now, here is where you guys come in. I need some ideas on clever names for these kinds of post. So can you guys help me out. I already have a few names, but i want your guys' opinions too ! (:
Sooo, leave a comment below and let me know some cute clever names, and i'll post it tonight then. Sound good ? Kay. Well, im off to the Cheescake Factory. Yum (:
Bye !

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