Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty Bitz & Glitz: Spa Drawer

I know that when i walk into a spa, no matter what problems i had to face that day, im automatically calmed and subsided from stress. I just walk in and all the peaceful vibes and soothing music is just so relaxing i forget all the un-pleasent things that ran through my mind that day, week, month, whatever.
Spa's are suppose to give that really calming vibe and have this effect on you.
I love ging to spa's and getting a total detox from stress. And being sucluted away from the worlds actions, in my own little world.
I know that a ton of people have never been to Spa's or are not economcally stable to blow a ton at the spa. So..
Have you never been to a spa and just wish to have that one day? That one day, with no distractions and leave all of the problems in the real world behind? For just a little bit?
Well, im here to tell you how you can have that day, without the hassle of leaving your house. And, without breaking the bank!
The answer to this is a spa drawer. Yes, a spa drawer. For those of you, who have no clue what a spa drawer is, a spa drawer is basically just an empty drawer (or even a storage container if all your drawers are occupied!) that is used to put anything spa-like in. Ranging from scrubs, moisturizers, cooling face creams, and even face masks if you want. Just make sure that if you choose to put a mask in, that it doesnt have to be refridgerated! There are tons of things that can go into a spa drawer. Anything of your choosing because it's your personalized drawer.

I know that not everybody has a luxury of going to spa's every weekend or whenever they feel the need to. So, what actually inspired me to do this is my own spa drawer! I am on spring break where i live in Texas, and my sister (really my bestfriend) is coming over later on tonight and a few other friends. I was thinking that since we just had a practice State test this past week, its closing in to be the end of the year so we are all kinda stressed from making sure our grades are right to earn the credits, so anyways, i though what better way to start off my break, than just relaxing and doing kinda an at home spa . So, while i was rambaling through my drawers to see what i have and dont have enough of, i was thinking of you guys and how a lot of people are not able to be at spa's . So, i thought i'd share with you this idea. Because everybody needs a little stress detox once in a while and cant afford or dont want to go out and spend a ton at a spa.

From my expierences, i know that most spa's can get outrageously over priced and charge an arm and a leg for just one 45 minute masage! So, this is a price cautious way to have most of the expierences of a spa, without actually being in a spa!

Start off by cleaning out an empty drawer. Or, you can even get a storgae container if you dont have an empty drawer! They sell them really cheap at Walmart, or dollar stores, and come in a variety of sizes. They can even make it more organized, by putting all your scrubs in one, and so on.

A few things you can consider putting in this drawer are:
-masks (i dont recommend putting ones that require refrigiration) they sell non refriration one at Walmart, Ulta, Target and other drugstores. At least around me.
-scrubs (including lip, foot, facial, body scrubs)
-Cooling creams (creams that have a cooling effect)
-body wash or lotion that you only used on certain occasions and events
-Manicure and Pedicure sets
-nail polish remover
-make up remover
-bath bombs
-cotton balls and q-tips
-AND anything else that i left out that you might wanna throw in there.

Oh, and dont forget to put in some CD's of calming music. Really any music that makes you calm! Lol. Or if you have an iPod or iPhone and an iHome just play that! Have fun!!!!

Have you ever been to a spa? Have you ever had a spa party, or done anything similar before?

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