Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail Polish Maddness (:

Hey Gorgeous! Hope you're having a fantastic Monday!? This post will probably make your day a little bit better too !
Today im posting on nail polishes, nail varnish, whatever you wanna call it. My favorite nail polish brands are OPI, Nicole by OPI, China Glaze & Essie. I love the thinkness of their brush applicators. They're so full and give really even coats.
China Glaze's New Spring/Summer Collection 2012, called Electropop is beautiful. It consists of a bunch of really fun bright colors! My favorite colors from this collection is Aquadelic and Gothic Lolita.
Below i have a picture of what Aquadelic looks like.

I really love this color because its kinda like a mix between 2 of my favorite colors: Mint green & Tiffany blue. Its a little more on the blue side but its still a really gorgeous color!

Now here is a picture of what Gothic Lolita looks like:

This is such a beautiful summer color. I love this, being that purple is one of my Favorite colors. Purple is actually my first favorite color! But this is just such a beautiful shade. And, it is not a matte color. it has a bit of a shhen and teeny tiny flecks of glitter, which make it the perfect eye catching shade for the summer!

Here is apicture of all the polishes in the collection:

Here's what all the colors look like on:

I believe all of these colors are availiable now. So next time you hit store stores, be sure to check this new collection!

What are your favorite nail polish brands? Do you have any go-to nail polish colors for the spring/ summer ?

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